A performance licence is the the right to rebroadcast, use, embedding of multimedia, or display in any medium, or in any forum, electronic or otherwise, including but not limited to live entertainment, dances, work parties, conventions, and meetings.

The author/artist of this blog asserts his moral rights to the use of any work created under by himself or under the Nannying Tyrants and Nannying Tyrants Music names. Specifically, the author/artists, Jay, does not waive his moral rights in respect of any works he has created.

Performance Licence Exclusions

Furthermore, the following organisations, persons working for these organisations, and other private persons will never be granted a performance licence to any works created by Jay and/or under the Nannying Tyrants and Nannying Tyrants Music, and are not permitted to use any works by Jay and Nannying Tyrants Music for any reason, excepting legal fair use provisions (i.e. 5 to 10% of any audio track depending on length of the material) in respect of criticism or education.

This list is not exhaustive is subject to change at any time. You are advised to check often, and/or contact the author/artist if you work in public health, tobacco control, alcohol control or obesity control, or if you are an academic or student in public health, tobacco control, alcohol control or obesity control for permission to use any work by Jay, Nannying Tyrants and Nannying Tyrants Music.

Arrhythmia Alliance
Ash (Northern Ireland)
Ash Scotland
Ash Wales
The Association of the Directors of Public Health
Asthma UK
Atrial Fibriallation Association
Bath & NE Somerset PCT
Bath, University of
Barnsley Smokefree Tobacco Alliance
Bedfordshire Tobacco Control Alliance
Birmingham East and North Primary Care Trust
Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Partnership
Breast Cancer Care
Bristol PCT
British Association for Nursing in Cardiovascular Care
British Cardiovascular Society
British Dental Association
British Dental Health Foundation
British Heart Foundation
British Lung Foundation
British Medical Association
British Psychological Society
British Society for Heart Failure
British Thoracic Society
Bolton PCT
Bowel Cancer UK
Buckinghamshire Tobacco Free Alliance
Cambridgeshire Community Services/Cambridgeshire PCT
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Cancer Research UK
Cardio Wellness
Central and Eastern Cheshire PCT
Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
Cheshire and Merseyside Public Health Network (ChaMPs)
Cheshire and Merseyside Tobacco Alliance (CMTA)
CHIEF (Community Health Involvement & Empowerment Forum)
Circulation Foundation
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Stop Smoking Service
Coventry's Smokefree Alliance
Cumbria and Lancashire Public Health Network
Deborah Hutton Campaign
Devon PCT
Diabetes UK
Dorset PCT
Eastern and Coastal Kent Stop Smoking Service
English Community Care Association
Faculty of Public Health
Families Need Fathers
Fatherhood Institute
The Fostering Network
Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths
Fresh NE
Gateshead PCT
Great Yarmouth and Waveney PCT
H.E.A.R.T UK - The Cholesterol Charity
Halton & St Helens PCT
Health Equalities Alliance
Healthy Settings Development Unit, University of Central Lancashire
Heart Care Partnership UK
Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
Heart of Mersey
Huntingdonshire District Council
Ingcat - The International Nongovernmental Coalition Against Tobacco
Kent Alliance on Smoking & Health
Kick Ash
Lambeth PCT
Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research
Liverpool PCT
Lloyds Pharmacy
Luton Tobacco Control Partnership Macmillan Cancer Support
Manchester PCT
Medical Women's Federation
Medway Stop Smoking Service
Medway Public Health Team
Men's Health Forum
Mental Health Foundation
Mouth Cancer Foundation
National Children's Bureau
National Heart Forum
National NGO Forum

National Youth Agency
NCSCT Community Interest Company
NHS Alliance
NHS Barnsley
NHS Berkshire West
NHS Brent
NHS Bristol
NHS Buckinghamshire
NHS Confederation
NHS County Durham
NHS Darlington
NHS Dudley
NHS East London and the City
NHS East of England
NHS Gloucestershire
NHS Greenwich
NHS Harrow
NHS Hertfordshire
NHS Leicester City
NHS Leeds
NHS Kingston
NHS Nottinghamshire County
NHS Portsmouth
NHS Richmond
NHS Sheffield
NHS West Sussex
NHS Worcestershire
Northamptonshire Teaching PCT
North East Essex PCT
North East Public Health Observatory
North Lancashire PCT
North Somerset PCT
Northumberland Care Trust
No Smoking Day
Nottingham City PCT
Pharmacy Health Link
Plymouth PCT
Rarer Cancers Foundation
Redbridge PCT
The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
Royal College of General Practitioners
Royal College of Midwives
Royal College of Nursing
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Royal College of Pathologists
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Royal College of Physicians
Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
Royal College of Radiologists
Royal National Institute of Blind People
Royal Society for Public Health
Sandwell PCT
Sheffield City Council
Smokefree Alliance for Shropshire County and Telford & Wrekin
Smokefree City and Hackney
Smokefree Devon Alliance
Smokefree East of England
Smokefree Essex TCA
Smokefree Hampshire and Isle of Wight
Smokefree Lincs Alliance
Smokefree Liverpool
Smokefree Newcastle
Smokefree Norfolk Alliance
Smokefree Plymouth Alliance
Smokefree Solihull
Smokefree Somerset Alliance
Smokefree South West
Smokefree Wakefield
Smokefree Warkwickshire
Smokefree Wiltshire
Smokefree Wirral
Smokefree Yorkshire and the Humber
Socialist Health Association
Society for the Study of Addiction
Somerset PCT
South Asian Health Foundation
South Bedfordshire District Council
South Gloucestershire PCT
South Gloucestershire Tobacco Alliance Network
South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust
South Tyneside PCT
Stoke-on-Trent PCT
The Stroke Association
Swindon Borough Council
Swindon PCT
Swindon Tobacco Control Partnership
Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures (STARS)
Teenage Cancer Trust
Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre
Tobacco Free Futures
Tobacco Free Hertfordshire
Tobacco Free Leicestershire and Rutland
Tower Hamlets Tobacco Control Alliance
Trading Standards Institute UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies
Ulster Cancer Foundation
University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
University of Bath
Warwickshire PCT
West Midlands TCCC
West Sussex Tobacco Control Alliance
Wirral Council
Wolverhampton Coronary Aftercare Support
Worcestershire Tobacco Control Alliance